OPSEC Solutions earthquake emergency and tsunami preparedness training at BNZ

OPSEC’s personal safety, situational safety and conflict training is unique. We facilitate the space for your participants to confront their fears, feelings and in some cases their egos. We use empathy, honesty, and positive behaviour — the most effective tools to manage conflict and crisis.

We offer confidential support, so you can share your most difficult experiences.

Using our own personal experiences, role-playing, and videos, we challenge those feelings and responses. Together we come up with a tool-kit of field-tested techniques that will assist your participants to be resilient through trauma and crisis.

Our training will keep you, your colleagues and your clients safe in times of conflict or violence.


For many of our clients, the easiest way to infiltrate their security is through their people. People can be influenced, pressured, or solicited through their peers, family, or social groups. They may also be exposed to extortion. 

Integrity development in any workplace creates a culture of honesty, transparency, and courage to address matters when they go awry. This is a simple 4-hour bespoke workshop of scenario-based training that uses examples of what may happen or has happened in your workplace.

Positive conflict can offer different perspectives that help us get the best solutions. However, left unmanaged, conflict can become confrontational and result in physical threats or violence.

Engaging to de-escalate anger while seeking resolution are important life skills. Additionally, risk planning and preparing your work environment NOW is essential to keeping safe.

Our Employee Resilience courses include:

STOPVIOLENCE© — Situational Safety: Manage yourself and your colleagues safely through conflict, threats, or violence by using positive engagement and an empathetic outlook.

Situational Safety and Conflict Management is about the awareness of safety when a situation and the behaviour of others is starting to escalate or is already heated.

  • Know when to draw the line of threatening or offensive behaviour by taking assertive action to keep everyone safe
  • Know what to say and do
  • Know how to get yourself safe
  • Know how to disengage from the situation

Our training will demonstrate how to avoid or remove yourself from a heated conflict situation.

Armed Robbery Survival Skills – This course equips you to manage yourself and your colleagues safely through an armed robbery. It demonstrates how to plan and prepare for safer outcomes in the event of a robbery.

Crisis Resilience© – Manage yourself and others safely and effectively through a violent crisis where an offender’s intent is to commit violent harm to people. Learn strategies that will aid you to recover from your emotional trauma so that you can continue with confidence and resilience in your everyday life.

OPSEC delivers bespoke emergency preparedness training for your workplace using actual plans and photos of your spaces.

These workshops require us to make an on-site visit to view schematics and take photos of the environment prior to training. The training will provide practical information, skills and practices about what to do in any natural disaster. Together we work to apply the critical safety skills and empower the confidence to develop simple plans for our workplaces and homes.

Training will include:

  • Earthquake
  • Fire
  • Tsunami

Employee confidence in management is realised through fair pay, sound policy, effective procedures, and quality leadership.

OPSEC provides training that supports ‘confidence in management’ and ensures it lasts through time. The series of workshops include:

  • Teamwork
  • Middle management leader
  • Strategic leader
  • Lead and manage a significant crisis