Crisis Resilience Workshop

Crisis Resilience Workshop

We recently conducted a Crisis Resilience workshop for one of its long-established clients in the industry. The workshop was carried out in Lower Hutt for the convenience of the client. The purpose of the workshop was to educate a group of attendees that included the retailer managers and the facility security personnel on how to respond in a crisis situation such as a robbery or a shoplifting incident.

Our Crisis Resilience workshop presenter Jack Milford gave real-life examples by conducting a role-play session as a training tool. In this session, Jack and his assistant acted out roles to explore different scenarios. The purpose of this session was to help the audience understand what happens to one’s mind and body when a crisis situation occurs and what instant and positive efforts one needs to make in order to successfully cope with a crisis situation.

These training workshops are vital to the success of your business as they prepare you and your team for unfamiliar or challenging situations.

This is what our audience have to say about the workshop:

What a brilliant speaker! We were totally engrossed. So helpful and relevant. Very, very impressed!”