Daylight Savings could save more than just daylight.

Daylight Savings could save more than just daylight.

Whether you’re a fan of daylight savings or not, it does give us an opportunity to check
those things around the house that need to be checked.

Walking around your house to change the clocks twice a year might be an old fashion notion
but many of us have now picked it up as a chance to check our smoke alarms, which is a
really good habit to be in.

OPSEC also think that it’s a great opportunity to check on our disaster preparedness as well
seeing as you’re going from room to room anyway. Why not use this time as a reminder to
check or change your water stores, your emergency and first aid kits, check your batteries
are ok and if your emergency contacts list id is up to date?

Being ready for a disaster is not only about having your emergency supplies, but it’s also about
having them ready should you never need them. Try and get in the habit of checking them
every time you are “Spring”ing forward or “Fall”ing back.

Put a reminder in your calendar right now for the end of March and September to check
emergency preparedness.