Having Integrity Might Be The Best Way To Keep Your Team Safe

Having Integrity Might Be The Best Way To Keep Your Team Safe

How well do you know your workmates? It may be hard to believe but often the best ‘safety at work’ is just to know the people around you better.

A recent sad event occurred in Seattle, USA where a ground crew member took a plane and flew around the area before he fatally crashed. Now the obvious questions come: how did this happen and who is to blame?


It’s natural to want someone to be held responsible but in the case of a trusted employee using their position to create a situation like this, there really isn’t much a company or organisation can do. Air traffic controllers and airline staff did everything they could but by then the plane was already in the air and as it turned out by then, tragically, it was too late.

So how can safeguards possibly be put in place before such an event occurs? Policy and rules on safety can only go so far. There are times those guidelines can’t foresee every outcome even if they are followed to the letter.

There is though one layer of safety that can help in circumstances like this that can also offer much more than just physical safety. It’s as simple as knowing those people you work with well enough to be able to identify when something is not quite right.

Knowing when a colleague is stressed, distracted, struggling with mental health or life, in general, goes a long way to putting you in a position to keep them, yourself and your workmates safer.  Equally, a work environment where we feel comfortable to challenge, enquire or seek assistance, provides the right conditions to address matters when they appear suspect, dangerous or unlawful.

It’s not easy and it’s not always perfect but getting to know those you work with, also the ground rules in how to engage with your colleagues is the basis of using team integrity to look after each other.

Strong integrity in any workplace creates a culture of honesty, transparency and the courage to address matters should you need to.

OPSEC offers a team Integrity Workshop to keep each other ‘safe and integral’ in their work. It’s about dealing with the fact that people are human and sometimes can be vulnerable, influenced, make wrong decisions or human errors.

So how does your team look after itself to increase safety and make for a better workplace? Contact OPSEC today to get more information on our Integrity workshop and we’ll help your team to better help itself.