Lessons to learn from the earthquake in Indonesia

Lessons to learn from the earthquake in Indonesia

OPSEC sends it’s deepest condolences to the people of Indonesia as they struggle with the most recent devastating earthquake. Our heartfelt wishes go out as they face the ordeal of recovering from this latest disaster.


One thing we can take from this is the reminder that New Zealand is certainly not exempt from equally devastating earthquakes and that we need to be prepared as soon as we can.

It can be a daunting task but there are things you can do today to make a start.

Here’s something you can do right now:

  • Download the New Zealand Red Cross’ Hazards app or the Geonet app.
  • Visit www.WREMO.nz and www.getprepared.nz to get instant tips on earthquake preparedness. You can also follow them on Facebook or Twitter for regular updates.

However, OPSEC can also help you and your organization get prepared through specific earthquake workshops.

OPSEC Solutions earthquake emergency and tsunami preparedness training at BNZ
Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Training at BNZ

OPSEC is pleased to announce the launch of their Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Event Management seminars which will provide practical information, skills, and practices about what to do in any earthquake and tsunami situation in Wellington.

We have developed a seminar that is very relevant yet simple and engaging. This aligns with our commitment to provide safety support to our partner organisations, their workers, and families, to feel prepared and safe when experiencing an earthquake and tsunami. Together we work to apply the critical safety skills and empower the confidence to develop simple plans for our workplaces and homes.

We have very recently presented seminars to our BNZ partners (900+) who have provided the following positive feedback:

“The presenter was fabulous! Well worth attending for a refresher if attended these sorts of seminars before, as interaction with the audience made it fun and informative. Are we able to get a copy of the presentation? Many thanks.”

“Thank you, OPSEC, for the skills you’ve taught us. I now feel confident in how to react in an earthquake”

Look forward to working with you and your teams.