OPSEC – Adding knowledge through new staff and education.

OPSEC – Adding knowledge through new staff and education.

There’s been much to do about our OPSEC staff recently. First of all, OPSEC welcomes Bruce Lomax to the team.

Based in Christchurch, Bruce brings an expert level of knowledge that has been hard gained
from years of experience with the NZ Police. Bruce will be a huge help in many areas that
are vital to the continued success of our clients. Whether its investigations, security
consulting or training frontline staff, Bruce has already become a vital cog to the OPSEC

Bruce has also moved straight into the position of the “tallest member of OPSEC” which is
no mean feat in our team. It would be fair to say Bruce is a fan of the beach. He’s lucky
enough to live within close proximity of one and in whatever spare time Bruce has he’s very
involved with his local lifesaving club.

Congratulations to our grads.

The two youngest members of the OPSEC team have recently proved they are the two
smartest members as well by completing their respective bachelors.

Eva Liardet is our all-round design wiz kid, casting her eye for design across everything from
our workshop material, to our website, to our business cards. Eva has just completed her
three-year bachelor of Creative Media Production. In her final year, she produced a twenty-minute
short film that was taken to Cannes film festival!

In her spare time, Eva loves gardening and bird-watching, (not common pursuits for a young
person). However, proving her work is also one of her passions, even in her leisure time Eva
loves creating visual effects for film!

Our other clever young one is Talal Piracha. Talal has just completed his bachelor of
Information Technology majoring in information security. He has moved to these shores
from Karachi, Pakistan.

During his studies, Talal has learned about information security including physical, network, operating system, and application security. He has also gained exposure to conducting basic penetration tests, performing threat assessments, and undertaking risk management. Talal has also enjoyed learning about system administration (Windows & Linux), VMWare, and networking.

In his spare time, Talal loves to connect with nature through hiking and biking. He’s also
laying down the challenge for those in the Wellington region. If you want to test your fitness
level he highly recommends you do the Te Whiti Riser (firebreak) track. Seems exhausting
just thinking about it.