Marcus Fowler

Marcus Fowler

South Island Director


Marcus Fowler is the South Island Director of OPSEC Solutions Ltd. He was a member of the New Zealand Army for 32 years, working in a variety of training and leadership roles. Marcus rose through the ranks to become an experienced commissioned officer before retiring to join the OPSEC team.

Marcus is particularly adept at working comfortably under arduous conditions as encountered in Lebanon and South Sudan and other hostile environments. Locally, Marcus managed the medical operations centre as part of the Christchurch Emergency Response, Recovery post-earthquake.

Marcus brings valuable knowledge and experience to OPSEC situational safety, risk assessment, detailed planning, leadership skills and operational management.

Outside of work, Marcus balances his time with his family, walnut orchard, and farm. He enjoys supporting his family, playing sports, and spending time in his workshop making furniture or other valuables for his farm.