We are at risk of losing some hard gained lessons.

We are at risk of losing some hard gained lessons.

Complacency is setting in with New Zealand’s earthquake preparedness, but OPSEC can help.

If there is a silver lining to the earthquakes that Christchurch and Kaikoura have experienced, it’s that our enthusiasm to prepare really kicked in… at least for a while. Like anything, that enthusiasm can wane as the daily grind of life returns and our attention is lost.

OPSEC is pleased to announce the launch of their Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Event Management seminars, designed to help New Zealanders plan for the three phases of a major disaster – before, during and after – and just as importantly, to help overcome that complacency.

Wellington and Christchurch are letting their emergency preparations slip, and a key concern to focus on is water. OPSEC is working directly with Wellington Water and are fully aware of the huge task that Wellington’s topography presents. The surrounding hills with limited road access create difficulties when trying to deliver emergency water supplies. Even Wellington’s flat regions are low lying and susceptible to liquefaction, presenting a whole other problem of their own. Because of this, Wellington Water’s recommendations for home water storage is 20 litres for every person in your house – however, unlike most regions, this is not for 3 days but for 7 days. That’s 560 litres of water for a family of 4.

Wellington Water is committed to having water collection points within 1 kilometre of every home in the Wellington region by day 8 after the earthquake. 20L per person per day is not an amount calculated on mere survival but on making sure our people are resilient and in the best shape to cope with the 7 days wait. This is because some Wellington homes could be without running water for up to 3 months.

OPSEC’s Earthquake and Tsunami Emergency Event Management seminars provide practical information just like this as well as the skills and practices about what to do in any earthquake and tsunami situation. Our commitment to provide safety support to our partner organisations, their workers and families has resulted in a seminar that is relevant, yet simple and engaging.

We recently presented workshops to help over 900 BNZ staff prepare for an earthquake, and develop plans for their workplaces and homes.

To discuss the way forward within your organisation, please contact info@opsec.co.nz to arrange a meeting.

This seminar has been endorsed by WREMO, and Wellington Water.